Frequently Asked Questions

Needs Assessment

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about the Needs Assessment.

  1. What is the Needs Assessment?

    The Needs Assessment was initially funded by the Preschool Development Grant and designed to assess the gaps and strengths of Nebraska's early childhood care and education system.

  2. How is the Needs Assessment used?

    The Needs Assessment is an ongoing process that evaluates state early childhood needs in order to create programs that help address gaps in the state and that enhance existing strengths. The Needs Assessment shapes the Statewide Strategic Plan, which is the guiding document for all changes in the state early childhood system.

  3. How was the Needs Assessment conducted?

    The Needs Assessment team gathered state, regional, and local data by conducting surveys, focus groups, and interviews with Nebraska stakeholders, including families, childcare providers, and statewide leaders.