Coordinated Enrollment

Coordinated Enrollment is implemented by the Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative, and, in its first two years, has added 3 early learning childhood centers serving at-risk infants and toddlers through an Early Head Start-Child Care partnership to a program designed to increase high-quality early learning opportunities and to assist families with enrollment. The initiative also uses 6 additional high quality programs to serve families who may not qualify or cannot wait for Early Head Start services. Specialists work with families on eligibility, application, and enrollment to help them find the quality childcare they need.

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NECC’s Child Care Enrollment program helps every child and their family access high-quality early child care education services, as well as the essential services they need to support a child’s healthy development.

Early Work of Coordinated Enrollment
  • Surveyed families who applied for services through the Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership about barriers they encountered in trying to access quality early childhood care and other essential services for their children.

  • Developed processes, created partnerships with community childcare providers, and built a recruitment plan to address obstacles identified by families.

  • Hired and trained two Coordinated Enrollment Specialists to serve families from application through enrollment into a childcare program of their choosing.

  • Recruited families from over-income Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership program waitlists whose income was between 100 and 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, which made them ineligible for Early Head Start services.

  • Families were screened to determine eligibility for childcare subsidy and other DHHS benefits. Qualifying families were assisted in completing provider applications and also received education about choosing quality childcare using resources from Learning Begins at Birth.

Contact: Mary Lariviere