Early Childhood Professionals

Step Up to Quality

Step Up to Quality (SUTQ) recognizes the lifelong positive impact quality early childhood programs can have on young children and their families and partners with providers to recognize and improve quality. Providers who enroll in SUTQ benefit from coaching and resources that develop quality programs. Initial enrollment only requires a free orientation that gives an overview of the program and the process. You can then choose to complete a program application.

Benefits of Step Up to Quality
  • Coaching: Coaches are provided free of charge to programs of all sizes in order to create specific goals and action plans.
  • Professional development and training: SUTQ offers a range of training opportunities for free or at little cost.
  • Child Care Subsidy reimbursement: The SUTQ program offers tiered increases in subsidies once the provider moves to step 3 and beyond (see the website for details).
  • Incentive bonuses: With each step up in the program, providers receive bonuses (ranging from $500-$1,250) that can be used for materials and professional development opportunities.
Who Can Apply

Step Up to Quality wants all providers to thrive and offers the program to:

  • Licensed family child care homes
  • Licensed child care centers
  • Head Start and Early Head Start programs
  • Public school-operated early childhood programs
  • Licensed preschools
Stepping Up

Step 1: Orientation, application, and enrollment of director and staff in professional record system;

Step 2: Complete the following Licensed required training: The Early Learning Guidelines Series,  Safe  With You, and the programs specific Management Training Series. You will need to review the on-line Go NAP SACC orientation and complete the Pre-Self-Assessment.  If you are interested in coaching benefits, you’ll want to chat with the Step Up to Quality Coach Specialists.   This is a quick call to complete coach interest questionnaire (CIQ).

Steps 3-5: Complete observational training, develop quality action plans, submit completed Rating Readiness Training tool, and earn points based on quality standards.

Contact: Lauri Cimino