Early Childhood Professionals

Circle of Security Parenting Classroom

Circle of Security Parenting™ uses current research to help parents learn ways to build strong bonds with children through the way they respond to the child’s needs—bonds that can create positive shifts in a child’s behavior. This program instills confidence and security in children which encourage growth, learning, exploration, and positive relationships. Circle of Security Classroom builds on these foundations and is offered as a professional  learning series to encourage the meaningful bonds between providers and children that will help them thrive as they grow. The COSP Leadership team and the Nebraska Association for the Education of Young Children is supporting facilitators across Nebraska to offer these programs to early care professionals.

What Circle of Security Classroom Does
  • Examines the central role teachers and the learning relationship play in a child's life.
  • Explores methods for coping with challenging behaviors that enhance a child's sense of security.
  • Encourages childcare professionals to hone observational and reflective skills.
  • Teaches Circle of Security techniques and other behavioral strategies.
  • Applies Circle of Security strategies to build strong bonds and to address children's attachment needs.
  • Teaches classroom methods that build relationship friendly spaces.

Contact: Tracy Gordon and Sami Bradley