We support a coordinated system of educational, health, mental health, and social services working with state and community leaders, organizations, providers, and families to offer high-quality early childhood care and education for Nebraska families.

The first North Omaha Child Care Village will be featured at the NECC offices along the parade route that is central to Native Omaha Days. Native Omaha Days has celebrated the African-American history of the area for the last 45 years and is promoted as a homecoming for those who grew up in North Omaha where they can come back “to visit family, classmates, and friends all while celebrating the invigorating history of North Omaha” (2023 Native Omaha Days website).

Crucial knowledge and experience have taken the forefront in the Nebraska Association of Infant Mental Health’s (NAIMH) campaign to recognize early childhood professionals through the Alliance for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health endorsements, which are recognized by 33 state and two international infant mental health associations. According to Sami Bradly, who is Associate Vice President of Early Childhood Mental Health for Rooted in Relationships and Co-Lead of NAIMH, since first offering the endorsements just over a year ago, there have been 19 or 20 early childhood professionals across the state and ranging in disciplines who have received the recognition.