Promoting Quality

Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation: To keep the NA updated Buffet Early Childhood Institute (BECI) will integrate the work with the Performance Evaluation. BECI will convene and lead these efforts and will implement processes for data-sharing.  BECI will also track evaluation results to update the research base on the programs being implemented through the grant. For the ongoing Performance Evaluation to succeed, Nebraska will need to build out its data capacity (including through the Early Childhood Integrated Data System) and provide adequate staffing to ensure stakeholders can access the data.  The Performance Evaluation project lead will coordinate those efforts and monitor data from the emergent integrated data system, project implementation, NA, program evaluation, and community systems.   

Evaluation methods will focus on refining, enhancing, and/or implementing the Performance Evaluation to align with the most current needs assessment findings and strategic plan. The Performance Evaluation will include information that details how states will leverage data to examine the implementation, outputs, and costs of strategic plan activities and support continuous quality improvement 

Contact: Kathleen Gallagher