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Do you want to find out more or do you have a specific question concerning one of our initiatives? We'd like to put you in touch with the right person. You'll find the contact information below for all our project leads. If you're not sure who to contact, you can refer to the document below for brief project information or you can fill in the form at the bottom of the page and we'll send you information.

Project Leads

Project Management: Josh Cramer jcramer@nebraskachildren.org and Shannon Mitchell-Boekstal--sboekstal@nebraskachildren.org

Needs Assessment: Kathleen Gallagher--kgallagher@nebraska.edu , Alexandra Daro--adaro@nebraska.edu, and Traci Roberts--troberts12@nebraska.edu

Strategic Plan: Susan Sarver--ssarver@nebraska.edu

Learning Begins at Birth: Amanda Felton--afelton@firstfivenebraska

Childcare Essentials/The Right Place: Holly Hatton-Bowers--hattonb@unl.edu and Jaci Foged-- jaci.foged@unl.edu

Nebraska Childcare Referral Network (CCRN) Development: Nikki Roseberry--nroseberry@nebraskachildren.org

Getting Ready: Lisa Knoche--lknoche2@unl.edu

Ready Rosie: Marti Beard--mbeard@nebraskachildren.org

Workforce Commission Implementation: Susan Sarver--ssarver@nebraska.edu

Nebraska Early Childhood Campaign: Renee Wessels--rwessels@nebraska.edu and Erica Sesay emnett@nebraska.edu

Coordinated Enrollment Pilot Expansion: Brandee Lengel blengel@nebraskaearly.org

Help Me Grow: Rick Helweg--rhelweg@childrensomaha.org and Holly Dingman--hdingman@childrensomaha.org

Ready Rosie -NDE Expansion: Jessica Boren--jboren@familieslearning.org and Monica Huber mhuber@familieslearning.org

Coaching Collaboration: Melody Hobson--melody.hobson@nebraska.gov and Lynne Brehm lbrehm@nebraskachildren.org

Step Up to Quality (SUTQ): Lauri Cimino--Lauri.Cimino@nebraska.gov

Nebraska Center on Reflective Practice: Kelli Hauptman--khauptman2@unl.edu

Communities for Kids Bilingual Consultants: Marti Beard--mbeard@nebraskachildren.org

Social Emotional Support Infrastructure: Stacy Scholten--sscholten@nebraskachildren.org and Lynne Brehm--lbrehm@nebraskachildren.org

Expanded Access to Circle of Security Parenting Classroom: Tracy Gordon--tgordon@nebraskaaeyc.org 

Accreditation with the Alliance for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health: Sami Bradley--sbradley@nebraskachildren.org

Cultivating Healthy Intentional Mindful Educators (CHIME): Holly Hatton-Bowers--hattonb@unl.edu 

NECC/AOK Business Training Series: Brandee Lengel--blengel@nebraskaearly.org

Wonderschool Launch: Brandee Lengel--blengel@nebraskaearly.org

Community Subgrants: Communities for Kids Plus (C4K+): Marti Beard--mbeard@nebraskachildren.org

ECIDS Buildout: Ben Baumfalk--ben.baumfalk@nebraska.gov

Shared Leadership and Financing Task Force: Amy Bornemeier--abornemeier@firstfivenebraska.org

Performance Evaluation: Kathleen Gallagher--kgallagher@nebraska.edu

Transition Committee: Lisa Roy--lroy@nebraska.edu

NAESP Leadership Academy: Melody Hobson--melody.hobson@nebraska.gov and Kristine Luebbe--Kristine.Luebbe@nebraska.gov

Communication and Dissemination: Brenda Weyers--bweyers@nebraskachildren.org and Ivan Young--iyoung@nebraskachildren.org

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