Early Childhood Professionals

Workforce Commission

The Nebraska Workforce Commission is sponsored by the Buffett Early Childhood Institute and seeks to build a collaborative network between early childhood professionals, local community leaders and organizations, state organizations, and policy makers to elevate the profession as a priority for the state so that workers receive the support, resources, and compensation they need to develop a high quality system of early childhood care and education for all Nebraska families.

Workforce Commission Goals
  • Ensure the early childhood workforce is highly qualified and reflects the diversity of the children and families they serve.
  • Fully fund high-quality care and education by 2030.¬†
  • Promote Nebraskans championing the critical role of the early childhood workforce in young children's learning and development.
  • Implement commission¬†recommendations as outlined by Elevating Nebraska's Early Childhood Workforce: Report and Recommendations of the Nebraska Early Childhood Workforce Commission, an extensive report undertaken by the commission.

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Contact:  Susan Sarver