Promoting Quality

Promoting Quality

To promote statewide quality improvements, PDG funding is being utilized to implement infrastructural changes that benefit the early childhood system as a whole. The funded initiatives are working toward a unified governance that can provide statewide data, create stronger transitions from early childcare to the public system, evaluate the efficacy of project initiatives, and communicate information to all stakeholders in Nebraska.

You can learn more about the way initiatives are working to create greater alignment in Nebraska's mixed delivery system and how organizations are collaborating to unify services and education for children from birth into the grade school years by clicking on the links below.

Specific Quality Related Activities



Performance Evaluation










Shared Leadership and Finance





Transitions Committee





NAESP Leadership Academy



Communication and Dissemination: Aims to increase the visibility, reach, and impact of the initiatives supported by continued PDG funding by publicly representing the PDG as a coordinated, cohesive effort of systems, services, and initiatives to address the needs of Nebraska’s children and families. Support from the Renewal Grant will build on the initial grant communication infrastructure to engage a wider range of partners, emphasizing those that have significant contact with vulnerable populations.  Policymakers will be kept abreast of progress; a wider range of content will be developed for marketing to target audiences; and efforts will take advantage of existing events to share resources and stories that communicate the impact of Early Childhood Care and Education and of the PDG itself.