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The first North Omaha Child Care Village will be featured at the NECC offices along the parade route that is central to Native Omaha Days. Native Omaha Days has celebrated the African-American history of the area for the last 45 years and is promoted as a homecoming for those who grew up in North Omaha where they can come back “to visit family, classmates, and friends all while celebrating the invigorating history of North Omaha” (2023 Native Omaha Days website).

Crucial knowledge and experience have taken the forefront in the Nebraska Association of Infant Mental Health’s (NAIMH) campaign to recognize early childhood professionals through the Alliance for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health endorsements, which are recognized by 33 state and two international infant mental health associations. According to Sami Bradly, who is Associate Vice President of Early Childhood Mental Health for Rooted in Relationships and Co-Lead of NAIMH, since first offering the endorsements just over a year ago, there have been 19 or 20 early childhood professionals across the state and ranging in disciplines who have received the recognition.

Regional Coaching Buildout funded by PDG creates statewide infrastructure for coaching initiatives.

Preschool Development Grant funds help a collaborative headed by NECC recognize early childhood professionals around the state for excellence.

Profile of Parent Advisors who have helped organize and implement the Conference for the Families and Parents of Small Children.

The Nebraska Center on Reflective Practice provides FAN training consultation groups to in-home providers.

NECC expands its Business Training Series for Spanish-speaking providers.

Pilot of CHIME mindfulness training for Spanish-speaking providers in Nebraska.

Pyramid Model Training offered to Spanish-speaking providers.

C4K mini-grants provide much needed toys, curricular materials, health and safety needs, and functional enhancements to North Platte providers.

Thanks to our partners at Buffett Early Childhood Institute and Ashia Aubrey for sharing this article on Learning Begins at Birth. Learning Begins at Birth is a PDG initiative that provides parents with important information ranging from pregnancy through a child's third year.

A Communities for Kids funded bilingual initiative spreads beyond local community to affect other areas of the state and has a big impact on a family in Douglas County.

Nebraska Children works with Bubbles and Blocks to navigate the challenges of COVID-19.

The Nebraska Association for Infant Mental Health has joined with the National Association for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health to offer four levels of endorsement to state professionals who work with young children.

Reviews the hard work done by Nebraska Children employees to get CARES Act funding to providers who needed it.

Wonderschool platform helps Nebraska childcare providers professionalize businesses.

Communities for Kids provides additional funding that allows local areas to fund more bilingual initiatives.